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Nathapodytes foetida
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Nathapodytes foetida 

about the Medicinal Herbal of MAPPIA FOETIDA. Mappia Foetida is also called as NOTHAPODYTE FOETIDA¡¨ OR ¡§AMRUTA¡¨ in Indian name. This medicinal Herb is used for production of Anti-Cancer medicine. The detailed Analysis chemical report is as under :-

Mappia Foetida---
C%= 43.69; H% = 5.49; N%= 1.42; Cl% = 0.44; P & S % some times
Appears absent.

This analysis report is a reliable source. We are exporting this item in the powder form of small chips by grinding the young shoots of ¡§Amruta¡¨ dried wood to Japan base company since last 4 ¡V 5 years. 375 net weight powder we use to pack in the Jumbo (plastic bags) for export purpose. On against Purchase Order and L.C. with F.O.B we use to dispatch

Recently this item has become very popular and all the farmers, collecting contractors and Forest authorities have increased their rates and the business becoming handicapped. The collecting, transporting upto our factory, Getting forest permission, Crushing the wood in the powder form, packing and again forwarding further the rates are now increased for a great extent. Naturally we have to quote our best Rates @ $ 2.00 American Doller per Kg. which is unfortunate.

Some more details on the use of MAPPIA FOETIDA for preparation of Cancer Medicine¡X
The Scientists when developed the Cancer medicine, they started to use Camptothica Accuminata in Chaina Herbs and succeeded in the world market. Thereafter Germoney and Japan had developed Cancer medicine by using Alcalies of ¡§Amruta¡¨ which was 20 times more effective than other herbals. In this herb they found Vanoline and Methaccic Camptothica for reducing the Cancer flots in the body, in the alcalied form. So at present the Amruta (Mappia Foetida ) became more popular and useful in the world market. This herb is found in large quantity only in the forests of ¡§Sahyadri¡¨ of Maharashtra and Karnataka State.

Now at present we are in a position to supply Mappia Foetida a minimum quantity of
1,50,000 kgs within Six months period. If we get confirmed orders we have to supply this Mappia Foetida in equal quantity i.e. 1,50,000 kgs . I eagerly wish to have a good business relation-ship with you on the ground of both¡¦s benefits. I expect your good and valuable co-operation in this regards. I wait for your valuable reply.

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